Butt Lift

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Rounder, fuller “bootys” are all the rage, especially with younger women. Butt lifts, much like breast implants, offer a dramatic and often false-looking appearance. However, butt lifts can give you the look you want in a more natural, cosmetically appealing way. This procedure is becoming more and more popular, forcing practices to target this service in all of their plastic surgery SEO strategies, hoping that they can corner the market on this trendy procedure.

What Is a Butt Lift & Where Did It Come From?

A butt lift procedure, often called a “Brazilian butt lift” is a plastic surgery practice that takes fat from areas of your body where you don’t want it, and adds it to your buttocks to give you the appearance of a fuller, higher rear end. Through a combination of liposuction and fat grafting, a plastic surgeon can shape and contour your butt in order to give it a rounder, larger look.

First, the surgeon will use liposuction to take fat away from the lower back, the tops of the thighs just under the buttocks, and the hips. This helps to make these areas appear smaller. Then, the fat that was taken from these areas will be added back to the buttocks to accentuate them. Exactly where the bulk of the fat is placed depends on the patient’s anatomy and their desired look.

The first butt augmentation procedure was performed in 1969, by Dr. RJ Bartels. While the techniques used during a butt lift surgery differ greatly from older procedures, the goal of getting a shapely, desirable butt are the same.

Why Are Butt Lifts Popular?

While Sir Mix a Lot may have been one of the first to profess his love for girls with bigger butts in his song “Baby Got Back,” others have followed suit and body type preferences have gravitated towards women with a little more “junk in their trunk,” so to speak. With current celebrities like J. Lo, Nicki Minaj and others showing their voluptuous rear ends, men and women across the country are realizing the sensual and self-esteem benefits of having a bigger booty.

When looking to improve your overall body image, a butt lift can be a great way to get a behind that looks awesome both in and out of jeans. A shapelier booty can not only help you feel better about yourself, it can help make you more attractive overall. Discuss with your surgeon about the butt lift techniques they use, and learn more about the options that are available to you. Together, you and your surgeon can determine if a butt lift is the right choice for you.

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