Breast Augmentation

breast-augmentation-721x357Breast augmentation is basically the increase of one’s breast size or volume through surgical procedures. The aim is to have larger breasts which might have reduced due to pregnancy or weight loss and help people improve their balance of body figure or just look great. The augmentation can actually increase the fullness and projection of one’s breasts which can enhance self-confidence and image.

The procedure used in breast augmentation and many practices realize that this is a popular procedure and one that is in high demand so they focus their plastic surgery marketing efforts towards attracting potential patients. These practices also use various forms of Plastic Surgery SEO to accomplish this task.

During breast augmentation, 3 major steps are usually followed. This includes the preparation for the surgery, the surgery itself and the waking up.


Surgery preparation

This is an important step where people intending to have a plastic surgery are briefed of any necessary information they need to know. They are informed on the risks so that they can make their decision fully aware of everything. The surgery procedure is explained to them and the duration it will take. Once individuals are fully briefed, they can book a date for the surgery.


Surgery procedure

Once in the surgery room, all necessary preparations are made as you change into a hospital gown. One is cleaned with an antimicrobial soap to prevent any chances of infection before plastic surgeons start their procedure.

  • Step 1: Anesthesia
    Doctors will give the right kind of anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain during the process.
  • Step 2: Making of incisions and inserting implants
    These are made in areas that remain inconspicuous so that any visible scarring is avoided. Once the incisions are made, the right implant choice can then be inserted. The implant type and size will determine the end look of your breasts. There is the saline and silicone implants but the size will depend on your expectations and current breast size.
  • Step 3: Closing of incisions
    The incisions are then closed using layered sutures and patients wait to recover. With time, the incisions lines will slowly disappear.

Waking period

Individuals will then be able to wake once all the procedures are over. They are then taken to a recovery room as they wait to fully recover.


History of the augmentation procedure

The first breast augmentation took place in 1985 and has grown since then to become the second best form of cosmetic surgery. Various implants were used which included adipose tissue, ivory, ground rubber and polythene chips. A flap based breast augmentation was first done in 1950. Since then technology has improved the augmentation process and currently silicon and saline are the most common types of implants.


How is this procedure helpful and popular?

Most people who have done breast augmentation have regained their confidence, due to having the right size breasts. This is actually one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures as everybody loves to enhance their looks. People can start enjoying their fitting clothing without having to worry about their breasts anymore. Ladies feel more feminine, which is a great feeling.

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